Industry Leader in Cylinder Requalification and Maintenance

Phoenix, Arizona 

Our Mission

To ensure protection from compressed gas cylinder failures, explosions, personal injury, property destruction, and poisonous gases.

Welcome To Thunderbird Cylinder, Inc.

For over 70 years, Thunderbird Cylinder has been a leader in compressed gas cylinder requalification and maintenance. We strive to meet all DOT's Codes of Federal Regulations and best practices to assure safe usage of compressed gas cylinders in your application. Our team of employees is trained, certified, experienced, friendly, and dedicated to servicing your cylinders.

Industries serviced by Thunderbird Cylinder and regulated by DOT

  • Gas and welding distribution
  • Medical, SCUBA , Fire Department & SCBA
  • Electronics & Communications
  • Chlorine, pool, paintball, & balloon
  • Fire & safety equipment
  • Beverage, refrigeration, acetylene and propane
  • Aviation, utilities, mining & transportation
Thunderbird Cylinder, Inc.